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Volume XXXIII, Fall 2010
The Kettle

The Kettle 2010

The beautiful cover for this year's publication of The Kettle was painted for the Melting Pot Genealogical Society by Hot Springs' native and watercolorist, Richard Stephens. To view more of Richard's work, visit his website.


Title Page i
In Appreciation, Cover by Richard Stephens ii
Contents iii
The Editor’s Corner iv
Board Members/Officers of The Melting Pot 1
President’s Letter 2
Dedication: Garland County Veterans 3
2010 Benefactors: Hot Springs Community Foundation
                           Hot Springs High School Class of 1949
2009 Corporate Member: Seiz Sign Company 6
1925 Dodge Brothers Automobile 7
Pedigree: Harriet Sue Nooner 8
Garland County Marriages - "G" 9
Garland County Arkansas: Our History and Heritage 27
Harley Edward Greene 29
Dear Debby... 49
Obituaries   Donald Brown
                 Jesse V. Clardy
                 Willie Doyle Vance
Audrey Ann (Peters) Wilson Atherton Family History 55
Pedigree: James Clarence Brown 57
Lineage of Twila Marie Ackley Brown 58
1819 Arkansas Map 61
Oak Street School 6th Grade, 1944 62
Discovering Maxine 63
Rockdale Cemetery 70
Sargos of Garland County 77
Arkansas Flag 91
Last Veteran of Gen. George Custer’s Civil War Brigade 92
Civil War Soldiers Buried in Garland County 95
Confederate Memorial 100
Pedigree: Joyce Anne Witherell Walker 102
Pedigree: John F. Walker 103
Stroope and Kea Families 104
Garland County Jail Ministries 113
Charles Wagner Smith, Reflections from Tweedletown 121
Publications for Sale 133
Homemade Tombstones (for unmarked graves) 134
Pedigree: Norval Finn Ziegler 135
Pedigree: Merritt – Merriott – Marriott (2) 136
Donations to MPGS 138
Membership form and Membership List 141
Lowe (Social Hill) Cemetery transcription 148