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Bible is not dated nor is the publisher shown
It appears to me that the entries were made by his daughter,
Roxie Jane Caldwell Vance (submitted by her granddaughter, Patti Vance Hays)

This Certifies That The Rite of Holy Matrimony Was Celebrated Between
James M. Caldwell and Rhoda James on 11-26-1891


James Monroe Caldwell Jr age 22 married 11/26/1891
Rhoda Malinda James age 19
Garland Co -- Book 1 pg 581

James Monroe Caldwell Sr age 26 married 29th July 1849
Mary Jane Rutherford - age 16
in Saline Co Book A page 120 marriage records

Melton Caldwell married Jan 10 1926
Era Johnson

Roxie Jane Caldwell married age 16
Reyburn P Vance Jan 29 1922 age 20


Lilla May Caldwell borned July 23 1894

Milton Garfield Caldwell borned January 31 1898

Roxie Jane Caldwell borned April 11 1905

Lilburn Caldwell borned August 2 1907

James m Caldwell borned April 20 1866

Rhoda Malinda James Caldwell borned Feb 19 1873

Gerald Lawarance [his name was spelled Lawrence] Vance borned June 14 1923

Willie Doyle Vance borned ____ [still living] at Owensville Ark


Lillie May Caldwell died August 18 1902
buried at Center Hill Cemetery

Lilburn Caldwell died Sep 2 1909
buried at Owensville

Rhoda Malinda Caldwell died May 19 1947

James Monroe Caldwell died Nov 16 1947
buried at Owensville Cemertery

Milton Caldwell died June 16 1966
buried at Owensville Cemertery

Reyburn P Vance Sep 24 1901 June 2 1973

Gerald Vance June 14 1923 March 28 1991
buried at Gravel Hill Cemetary

(I attempted to spell everything as Granny Vance had written, Patti Vance Hays)