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THE HOLY BIBLE containing THE AUTHORIZED EDITION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT and THE REVISED VERSION OF A.D. 1881 ARRANGED IN PARALLEL COLUMNS with A COMPLETE CONCORDANCE, referring to every passafe of scripture. THE STUDY OF THE WORD OF GOD. By the following eminent Biblical writers and authors: Rev. Alfred Nevin, D.D; Rev Thomas H Horne, D.D; Rev William H Munroe; Rev Samuel Cox, D.D; Rev G F Maclear, D.D; Rev F W Farrar, B.D; Rev John Eadie, D.D, LL.D; Rev William F B Jackson; Prof A L Rawson, LL.D; Rev William Smith, LL.D; Rev W Houghton, M.A; Major C W Wilson, R.E. Boston, Mass E. W. Sawyer & Co 79 Milk Street


James F. Fletcher (Irish) and Elizabeth Webber 3 October 1857 Bradford, Mass

Lizzie F. Fletcher and Edmon H Pettengill

George B Fletcher and Unknown Marden, Haverhill, Mass

Florence S Fletcher and Henry Schweinfurth

Florence S. Schweinfurth and Joseph I. Thomas


James F. Fletcher 25 January 1832

Elizabeth Fletcher 9 March 1837

Lizzie F Fletcher, 23 January 1857

George B Fletcher, 7 March 1867

Florence L Fletcher 4 September 1870


Lizzie F Pettengill 1905

 Florence S Thomas 30 August 1940

 (From February 1980 issue of "The Melting Pot")