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Debra "Debby" Slater Garner's Thoughts...

Debra Slater Garner June 2011

As of this writing, I have had the opportunity of serving as the Corresponding Secretary for the Melting Pot Genealogical Society for the last four years. In that capacity, I am the one who performs the family research for the organization.

As a young girl I became interested in doing family research through the influence of my grandmother. She, in turn, introduced me to two of the finest family researchers available in the Garland County, Arkansas, area at the time. Inez Cline and Bobbie Jones McLane were my mentors in my endeavors some forty years ago.

I found that you need to know where you have been to know who you are. Not everyone’s family will have stepped off the Mayflower. Not everyone’s family has a person of fame in their ancestry. But you will find that all the ancestors helped to make this great nation. You are a composite of all that came before you.

Because of the love for genealogy, I spent several years as a volunteer for the Garland County Historical Society. Due to my father’s ill health, I had to leave and take care of him. After his death and some time off, I started to renew my interest. The Melting Pot Genealogical Society offered me a home to do this type of research. Their main goal was the preservation of family histories: my first love.

Every year we have many requests for information either emailed through our website, by people visiting our library, and through other venues. Each request is a new journey for me. We try to help as many folks as we can; sometimes we are not able to but, more often than not, are able to find them much needed information or refer them to another agency. We send out hundreds of obituaries that are requested from the thousands we have archived in the library. On site at our library are numerous family files that are submitted by members and by corresponding secretaries of past and present. The library itself has thousands of books from all parts of the United States and other countries. Helpful librarians are there to help you in your search. If you don’t have the time to spend, then I will be glad to assist you in your search.

We welcome donations as this is how we pay the rent, buy paper and ink and other necessities to keep us open. Purchasing new books for research is always an ongoing process. As we are a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax exempt.

So, if there is anything that we can help in your research please email us and, hopefully, we can help you as we have others.

Debra Slater Garner, Corresponding Secretary
January 2013