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Hot Springs High School 1925
Hot Springs, Arkansas

1925 Old Gold Book Yearbook.

This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class photographs.  If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  We wish to thank Alex Baer for this annual that belonged to his mother Winifred Greenway Baer.

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Baker, Sarah Jane

Beasley, Mary

Beasley, Mary

Becton, Julian

Biggs, Elmer

Biggs, Louise

Blakely, Vance

Box, Bernice

Box, Bernice

Bradford, Opie

Bray, Beulah

Brooks, Edith

Braughton, Henry

Brown, Lillie

Bumpass, Lenore

Busch, Mary Louise

Burton, Mary

Campbell, Ione

Campbell, Lorene

Connell, Hampton

Cook, Jane

Cooper, Ruth

Corbin, Zella

Craft, Roy

Craft, Roy

Davis, Nina

Eckler, Ernest

Eddy, James

Eddy, Virginia

Elcan, Meric

Elleman, Ena Marine

Ellis, Marjorie

Fisher, Lois

Fulton, Estelle

Fulton, Lurline

Gardner, Everett

Gilliam, Carroll

Goodwin, Alberta

Gover, Othello

Gower, Elizabeth

Grant, Loyce

Greenway, Winnie

Guerin, Elna

Gwin, Lois

Gwin, Lois

Halsey, Dorothy

Head, Beulah

Heineman, Victor

Hildreth, Lola

Hull, Mrs. Dorris Elleman

James, Vivian

Jones, Freddie

Jones, Fredrick

Kefauver, Nancy

Lamb, Evelyn

Lavender, Ruth

Lenz, Frances

Lewelling, Chrissie

Lewis, Douglas

Lewis, Violet

Lockwood, Helen

Love, T. Spence

McConnell, Herbert S.

McGuire, Alice

McJunkin, Orren

McKenzie, Jim

Marcus, Rudolph

Marsh, Hazel

Mathews, Julia

Meyer, Phillip

Murphy, Marcille

Nicholson, Aileen

Nicholson, Harold

Nisbit, Mary Lou

Perry, Vera

Phillips, Paul

Pound, Josephine

Power, Katherine

Pruett, Herman

Ramoly, Myra

Ranton, Bill

Reader, Hubert

Reed, Mike    Mike Reed was born February 28, 1907, and died August 17, 1996. He was married to Fay Coston Reed. Mike Reed Obituary

Reynolds, Aubrey

Richardson, Ada

Rothman, Lewis

Rowles, Lena

Searcy, Claude

Seiz, Dorothy

Seiz, Dorothy

Shaw, Helen

Shaw, John Joe

Shepherd, Doris

Simanton, Ordelia

Sims, Ruth

Smith, Elta

Stitt, Bert

Swartz, Catherine

Taylor, Faulder

Thompson, Jewell

Trammel, Clyde

Vaughon, James    [actually James Vaughan]

Vaughon, James

Watson, Ward

Weaver, Clarice

Weinstein, Bertha

Winters, Louise

Wootton, Madge

Wright, Chester