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Hot Springs High School 1923
Hot Springs, Arkansas

This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class photographs.  If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information.  We wish to thank Alex Baer for this annual that belonged to his mother Winifred Greenway Baer!

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Ault, Charles   (most brilliant boy, prettiest hair boy)

Beasley, Elizabeth

Beasley, Robert

Benedict, Fannie

Boswell, James

Brady, Elmer   (most obstreperous, best boy dancer)

Coleman, Cecil

Coleman, Minnie Lee

Cooksey, Wilks   (peppiest boy)

Craigo, Richard

Davis, Louis   (best boy "Figer")

Dean, Barton

Demby, Kathryn   (most popular girl, peppiest girl, best girl dancer)

Eggerman, Edith   (most inquisitive girl)

Eidson, Harold

Eidson, Kitty   (best all-around athlete girl)

Erickson, Hazel (no photo)   (biggest gas bag girl, most combustible)

Fry, Wesley

Godbehere, Cedric   (handsomest boy, most pleasing boy)

Gullett, Erma

Gullett, Jewel

Harris, Quinnie

Hawks, Julia   (most impossible girl)

Hopper, Faith

Horn, Florine

Houpt, Pearl

Howard, Earl   (cutest boy)

Humphreys, Sallie   (prettiest eyes girl)

Hunt, Glennie

Jones, Jo Pedley   (the "Charlie Chaplin")

Kennedy, Nannie Belle

King, Lewell   (biggest gas bag boy, most impossible boy)

Knoefel, William (no photo)   (the "Rudolph Valentino")

Kraemer, Mildred   (most loquacious, prettiest hair girl)

Lanham, Pearl

Lowry, Katherine

Lowry, Violet

Mann, Betty   (most brilliant girl)

Martin, Merle

McCall, Sarah Jane   (best "Yipper" girl)

Merrit, Lillie

Murphy, Frances   (prettiest girl, wittiest girl, best girl "Figer")

Nix, Minnie Lee

North, Phyllis

Oldham, Frances

Parker, Coralene   (sweetest girl)

Parse, John

Prichard, Hilda

Riggs, Byron   (most inquisitive boy)

Rowland, Juliette  (the "Gloria Swanson," prettiest mouth)

Schrader, Josephine   (Class Vice President)

Scott, Wood   (best "Yipper" boy)

Shults, Eula

Slaten, Edythe

Wilkins, Cecil   (Class President, most popular boy, best all-around athlete boy)

Wilson, Lelia   (cutest girl)

Winburn, William (no photo)   (wittiest boy, prettiest eyes boy)

Witt, Modine

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