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The Old Gold Book
Hot Springs High School 1914
Hot Springs, Arkansas

1914 Old Gold Book Hot Springs Arkansas

This is not the entire annual -- just the class and faculty photographs. If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email us so that we may include that information. We wish to thank Harley Bone for allowing us to copy this yearbook.

The Old Gold Book begins with the dedication page which reads: To our beloved teacher, Miss Winifred M. Weeks, we affectionately dedicate this, the first volume of The Old Gold Book. The Staff

Next is the introduction with a photo of the new school on the opposite page.

The faculty are listed with a photograph but the page does not show who is whom. The faculty is listed as:
M. Rose, Superintendent    C. F. Allen, Principal    Maudine Woodard, English    Fannie Davies, English    Winifred Weeks, Mathematics    Ruth Covington, Mathematics    Freddie Morse, Latin    Loella Reed, French-German    Lelia Morehead, Normal    Jake Rhyne, History    William Barton, Science    Robert Livingstone, Manual Training    Bertha Baughman, Domestic Science    Helen Dixon, Assistant    Olive Faulkner, Music       

Senior Class Members

Please click on the name for the photograph.

Barnes, Hallie

Boaz, Julia

Brock, Inez

Brooks, Alfred

Christopher, Howard

Cloud, Madeline

Cook, Edwina

Craigo, Gladys

Dean, Fulton    He was born January 16, 1897, to Elbert and Lida Dean and married Elsie Mae Norman March 5, 1922. He died April 5, 1983, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery (Hot Springs).

Dennis, Osa

Gold, Margaret

Graham, Ada

Granier, Frances

Greaves, Bernice

Harper, Constance

Hertz, Elizabeth

Holch, Elma

Lauher, Jean    He was born January 7, 1896, and died February 17, 1969, and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Lester, Ethel

Lewis, Gladys

Longsworth, Esther

Massey, Harriet Jane

Meadows, Asbury

Merrit, Everett

Meux, Bessie

Millmine, Herbert

Murphy, Mildred

Orr, Attie

Patton, Crafton

Reader, Ola

Reich, Ben

Smith, Mary

Tarble, Van A.

Thomason, Maurice

Thompson, Paul

Thompson, Ruth

Wilson, James

Witt, Gibson Jr.

Woodcock, Lucile

Junior Class Members

The yearbook contains a junior class photograph but does not show who is whom. Those listed are:

Jodie Wheelock, President

Alma Fewkes Juanita Gilliam Mildred Dillard
Elmer Riley Roy Harris Katleen Shaer
Alva Tucker Emma Meux Lena Cummings
Raymond Martin Lillian Western Francis Williams
Dorris Elleman Douglas Hale Wilbur Callahan
John Kiersey Rachael Eddy Sam Taylor
Marie Fink Bonnie Wier James Nabors
Lois Duffie Elizabeth Murphy Ruth Spradling
Lillian Sullivan Winnie Hough James Weaver
Mildred Phillips Howard Jordan Pearl Ritter

Sophomore Class Members

The yearbook contains a sophomore class photograph but does not show who is whom. Those listed are:

Raymond Rogers Fred Grey Louis Allen
Elbert Dean Mary Dishroom -- Simmons
Jack Watson Isadore Moscowitz -- Borman
Ernest Broom Louis Sammons Marie Price
John Woodcock Lee Tarble Pauline Nobin
Robert Triffit Stella Lowrance Violet Sisney
William Nabors Chloe Duren Jeanette Scott
Gertrude Ketchum Gertrude Scherk Callie Granger
Cecil Parker Walter Looney Samuel Stone
Ernest Mendel Ralph Ralph LaVern Harper
Edith Seay Olaf Duren Clara McLaughlin
Cathern Hart Levi Lacey Gertrude Hinton
Willie Williamson Samuel Eddy Dale Williams
Tressie Turk Ouide Bartlett Louise Pettit
Ada Zimmerman Lynn Mona Smith Ruth Williams
Jeanette Grainier Evelyn Housley Louise Mallory
Julia Fisher Clarence Gladson,
Class President
Hymea Sawowitz
Clara Moore   Louise Moyston
Sedonia Marx Robert Millsaps Felder Morehead
Lucille Lyons Joe Moorman -- Wright

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