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Cemetery Index: Stry Ukrainian Orthodox Church Cemetery - Smoky Lake

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by John Polutranko.
As recorded in the "Voices of Yesteryears" local history book.


Southeast corner of SW 28-58-13-W4

BALAN, Wasel  1895-1948
BOYCHUK, Roman  1905-1972
BUNDA, Nicholas  1886-1963
CHIMKO, Barbara  1905-1987
CHIMKO, Matthew  1887-1960
CHIMKO, Walter  1935-1936
GOLKO, John  1918-1989
GOLKO, Joseph  1875-1961
GOLKO, Maria  1885-1975
KLIMCHUK, Nancy  1890-1971
KLIMCHUK, Stephen  1885-1960
KLYMOCHKO, Dmytro  1900-1984
KOROLUK, Harry  1913-1988
KOROLUK, Paul  1884-1951
KOROLUK, Teklia  1890-1978
HRYCUIK, Anna  1914-1936
KRUK, Matrona  1860-1951
KRUK, Nickoli  1855-1940
KWASNYCIA, Ann  1921-1982
KWASNYCIA, Justyna  1885-1978
KWASNYCIA, Michael  1925-1977
KWASNYCIA, William  1919-1977
MALAYKO, Ronald  1946-1946
PANAS, Nick  1919-1944
PAWLUK, Maria  1905-1938
PAWLUK, Sally (Zoya)  1921-1990
PELECH, Andrew  1908-1955
PELECH, John  1923-1984
PELECH, Katirina  1882-1953
PELECH, Mary  1927-1975
PELECH, Michael  1922-1959
PELECH, Nickoli  1918-1953
PIDLUZNY, Hafia  1889-1990
PIDLUZNY, Wawryk  1887-1973
SHYSH, Dora  1911-1987
SHYSH, Fred  1890-1980
SHYSH, John  1899-1982
SHYSH, Maricia  1932-1934
SHYSH, Nancy  1902-1986
SHYSH, Paul  1907-1974
SHYSH, Victoria  1870-1938
SLOBODAN, Onufry  1899-1962
STUNISKY, Katrucia  1938-1938
TCHIR, Alec  1892-1975
TCHIR, Katirina  1897-1962
TCHIR, Nick F.  1917-1986
TCHIR, Zacharko  1880-1960
TELENKO, Julia  1940-1940
TELENKO, Nick  1887-1980
TKACHYK, Andy K.  1949-1977
TKACHYK, Maria  1883-1941

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