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Local History Book Index: Bardo Centennial History 1894-1994  History of Bardo

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley.


Aasmo, Peder, Ingrid & family

Adair, Reg, Carol Ann (Francis) & family

Adkins, Ron, Donna (Johnson) & family

Anderson, Reverend Bersvend

Anderson, John, Gjertrud & family

Anderson, Albin, Hazel & family

Anderson, Peder B. & Marit

Anderson, Benny & Annie

Anderson, Phillip, Norma & family

Anderson, Clifford, Doris & family

Anderson, Allen, Irene & family

Anderson, Palmer, Adelia (Rorem) & family

Anderson, Carol

Anderson, Olaf & Nora (Rude)

Anderson, Lawrence, Sheila & family

Anderson, Phil, Doris (Hendrickson) & family

Annebo, Iver, Petra & family

Baerg, John & Amelia

Baergen, John, Lorraine & family

Baglo, Ferdy, Magda (Johanson) & family

Bartness, Anton, Bergitta & family

Bender, Mahlon, Christine & family

Berg, Donald

Berg, Ralph, Lorraine (Moen) & family

Berg, Mikkel & family

Berg, Preben

Berrecloth, Robert, Lillian & family

Berreth, Dale, Linda (Rude) & family

Bjornson, Botolv

Bjornson, Peter & Myrtle (Rude)

Bjornson, Dennis, Carol & family

Bjornson, Dale. Elaine & family

Boettger, William, Lydia & family

Boettger, Harold, Voila (Stlater) & family

Boettger, Marvin, Edith (Yoder) & family

Boness, Gamle (Old) Jacob

Boness, Hans Sr.

Boness, Jacob, Marie (Lerbekmo) & family

Boness, Hans Jr. & Agnes

Boness, Palmer, Signy & family

Boness, Florence

Boness, Glenn, Vivian & family

Bregg, John, Norma (Moen) & family

Brekkan, Nils & Ovedia

Brekkan, Ingolf, Esther (Ness) & family

Brocke, Olaf, Anna & family

Brooks, Raymond, Betty (Rude) & family

Broughton, Family history

Broughton, Alice

Bruce, Robert, Dora (Boness) & family

Burkholder, Moses, Rosinda & family

Burkholder, Joseph, Adeline & family

Burkholder, Elmer, Verda & family

Burkholder, Glenn, Donna & family

Burt, Robert (Bob), Agnes (Johanson) & family

Campbell, Angus, Mary Jane & family

Carlisle, Eugene, Dorothy & family

Carlson, Dwight (Ike) & Ilene (Francis)

Ceretzke, Glenn, Roberta & family

Chinneck, Thomas G. & family

Christopherson, Martin, Marget (Johanson) & family

Cinnamon, Samuel, Selma (Simonson) & Family

Cookson, George Sr. & family

Cookson, George Jr. & family

Cookson, John, Elnah & family

Cookson, Arthur, Gladys & family

Coombes, Jerry, Shirley (Rude) & family

Craigen, Tom, Wanda (Sutton) & family

Dahl, Ralph, Alice (Ness) & family

Dalen, Borghild (Kristiansen)

Dawson, Bud, Marie (Heiberg) & family

Dunki, Jacob (Jim), Verena & family

Easton, James, Mary & family

Eggen, Halvor, Ingeborg & family

Eggen, Peter, Matilda & family

Eide, Martin, Rebekka & family

Eide, Lauritz. Louise & family

Eide, Rueben, Emma & family

Ekdahl, Gustav, Ellen (Undin) & family

Erga, Louis, Malfrid (Boness) & family

Erickson, Mikal & Borghild

Erickson, Olaf, Janet & family

Erickson, Bjarne & family

Evans, Garth, Sylvia (Ness) & family

Ewert, Cornelius, Katherine & family

Findlay, Roy & Muriel

Finseth, Martin, Barbro & family

Finseth, Peder

Finseth, Andrew, Maria & family

Finseth, Iver

Finseth, Bennie, Myrtle & family

Finseth, Monrad & Alice (Rude)

Finseth, Malcolm, Ruth & family

Finseth, Leroy & Mary

Finseth, Douglas & Jody

Finseth, Keith, Elaine & family

Fisher, Wilf, Norma (Kindley) & family

Flotten, Olaf, Clara (Jensen) & family

Forseth, Ingebrigt, Karen & family

Foshaug, Lars, Alma & family

Foshaug, Ivan & Olive (Haugen)

Foshaug, Caroline

Foshaug, Richard, Beatrice & family

Foshaug, Ronald, Loretta & family

Foshaug, Leif & Evelyn

Foshaug, Larry, Gail & family

Foshaug, Robert & Donna (Mosby)

Foshaug, Talbert, Alvina & family

Foshaug, George & family

Foshaug, Merlin

Foss, Lewis & Joyce (Whillans)

Fowler, Alex, Mary (Johanson) & family

Francis, Glenn & Iris (Bjornson) & family

Francis, David, Susan & family

Gallinger Saga, Claude Sr.

Gallinger, Family

George, Doug, Clara (Haugen) & family

Gibson, Clifford, Ruth (Undin) & family

Good, Clare, Jane & family

Gordon, Douglas & Trudy (Rude)

Gunderson, Arthur, Donna & family

Gustafson, David. Olive (Johanson) & family

Haakstads, The

Hagen, Gunder & Emma

Hagen, Ole, Marthea & family

Hagen, Martin, Agnes & family

Hansen, Martin, Ingeborg (Jeving) & family

Hansen, Ed, Joanne (Finseth) & family

Harms, Phil & DeAnne

Hart, Lloyd, Verna & family

Haugen, Halvor, Gjertrud & family

Haugen, Ananais, Marie & family

Haugen, Arthur, Loretta & family

Haugen, Terence, Lois (Rude) & family

Haugen, Olaf

Haugen, Pastor Henry, Merliene & family

Haugland, Sigurd, Inga (Johanson) & family

Haugseth, Ingebrigt, Ane & family

Haukedal, Albert, Agnes (Jensen) & family

Heiberg, Odd, Ragna & family

Heiberg, Lyle, Rebecca & family

Heiberg, Gordon, Jennifer & family

Helvig, Abel, Ruby (Rorem) & family

Hendrickson, George, Magda (Anderson) & family

Hendrickson, Gordon, Grace & family

Hendrickson, James, Sonya & family

Hendrickson, Helmer, Gunhild (Moen) & family

Hills, Franklin, Alvira & family

Hoflin, Eric, Gertrude & family

Horner, Michael, Phyllis & family

Horte, Thor, Marit (Haugen) & family

Hostetler, John, Beulah (Stauffer) & family

Howe, Adolf & family

Huus, John, Grace (Anderson) & family

Hvidding. B.B. & family

Ingram. Martha & family

Irving, Howard, Muriel (Ness) & family

Jackson, Miss Caroline

Jacobson, Julius, Carrie & family

Jensen, Hans & Agnetha

Jevning, Nels

Jevning, Nels & family

Jevning, John & family

Jevning, Milton, Inez & family

Jevning, Clifford

Johanson, Otto, Julie & family

Johanson, Inge, Ileen & family

Johanson, Olaf, Lorna & family

Johanson, Eric, Mabel (Aasmo) & family

Johnson, Arnold, Mabel (Foshaug) & family

Johnson, Walter, Marilyn & family

Johnson, Johannes Sr., Anne & family

Johnson, Johannes Jr., Ingrid & family

Johnson, Johan Alfred & Maria

Johnson, Peder Magnus

Johnson, Hilmar, Inga (Anderson) & family

Johnson, Marvin, Bernice (Anderson) & family

Johnson, George Rudolph, Kate & family

Johnson, Lars, Maria & family

Johnson, Selmer, Sigrid (Eggen) & family

Johnson, Andreas & family

Johnson, Johan Arndt

Johnson, Edwin, Trina (Boness) & family

Johnston, Edna (Lawson)

Kauffman, Joseph E., Katie (Yoder) & family

Kauffman, Loyal, Lily (Stalter) & family

Kauffman, Joseph S., Elaine & family

Kidder, Everett, Thora (Haugen) & family

Kindley, Axel & Nita (Hansen)

Kindley, Earl, Deny & family

Kindley, Harold, Audrey & family

King, Aaron

King, Jake, Ida & family

Klein, Edwin, Carmen (Rude) & family

Korobko, Peter, Hilda & family

Krahn, Lenard, Grace (Johanson) & family

Krogen, Hans, Mabel & family

Krogen, Mervin, Diane (Foshaug) & family

Kvern, Hans & Carrie (Eggen)

Lampitt, Arthur, Helen (Cookson) & family

Lampitt, John (Jack)

Langerud, Carl, Berte (Ness) & family

Larson, Anton

Lauber, Erma (Stutzman)

Lawson, George, - The family

Lawson, Herman, Grace & family

Lawson, Martin, Janet & family

Lee, Roy, Mildred (Lawson) & family

Lehman, Alvin, Goldie & family

Lehman, Melvin, Grace (Roth) & family

Lehman, Joseph, Pearl & family

Lerbekmo, John & Dorothea

Lerbekmo, Peter, Loolah (Hills) & family

Lerbekmo, John (Jack), Shirley & family

Lerbekmo, Julius, Selma & family

Lingle, Willie & Joyce (Hendrickson)

Litwin, Don & Pat (Severson)

Litwin, Gregory & Leanne

Litwin, Catherine

Litwin, Debra

Livelton, Ole, Kristine & family

Loken, Gulbrand (Bert), Lillian & family

Look, Ed, Gail (Sitler) & family

Lyons, David, Teresa (Rude) & family

Lyseng, Fred, Barbara (Finseth) & family

Macki, Bill, Thelma (Moen) & family

Magneson, Mrs. Myrtle

Martin, Sanford, Hazel & family

Martin, Carl, Diane & family

Martin, Philip, Anita (Rude) & family

Martin, Glen, Cindy (Rude) & family

Matson, John, Christine (Hoflin) & family

Matson, Family

Maurer, John, Dorothy & family

McConnell, George & Minnie

Mitchell, Angus & Eileen

Mitchell, Hugh, Isabel & family

Moen, Asbjorn & family

Moen, Iver & Olfrid (Eggen)

Moen, Eldon, Arlene & family

Moen, George, Hazel (Parker) & family

Moen, Arthur & Helen

Moen, Arthur family

Moore, William, Karen (Carey Brekkan) & family

Monsen, Loren, Muriel (Finseth) & family

Mosby, Harry & Bea

Mosby, Barry & Inga

Mosland, Nels S.

Myers, Robert, Laura & family

Myhre, John. Elin & family

Nash, Claude, Alma (Eide) & family

Nash, Everitt, Kitty & family

Nash, Danford, Rose & family

Nash, Arden & Alice

Nash, Erling & Jean

Neggers, John, Evelyn & family

Nelson, Ole & Ada

Nelson, Anton

Nelson, Carl & Alma Marie (Rude)

Nelson, Garry, Cindy & family

Nelson, Leroy, Evelyn (Sutton) & family

Nerland, Gunvald & Myrtle

Ness, Alette

Ness, M.B.

Ness, Ingvald, Gladys (Horte) & family

Ness, John & Ingrid (Haugen)

Neufeld, Ken, Glenys & family

Nickols, Pat, Peggy (Moen) & family

Nordhus, Simon & family

Olson, Adolf & Oleanna (Ness)

Olson, Ingmar, Nora (Rorem) & family

Olson, Johan & family

Parent, Edward, Eunice (Sutton) & family

Parker, Bill & Lewis, Frank

Patrie, Randy, Monica (Rude) & family

Paul, Robert, Doreen (Moen) & family

Pederson, Chris, Thea & family

Peters, George, Helen & family

Potter, John, Gladys (Johanson) & family

Poulson, Ejvind, Vicky & family

Punsvik, Olve, Elene (Johanson) & family

Qualley, Lewis, Tillie & family

Ramstad, Stan, Bertha (Johnson) & family

Riediger, Jacob, Sarah & Family

Riediger, Walter, Glenda (Mosby) & family

Rolfstad, Lars, Borghild & family

Ronning, H.N. & family

Ronning, Harold, Gudrun (Ness) & family

Rook, Randy, Cheryl (Finseth) & family

Rorem, Thomas, Alice & family

Rorem, Lymen & family

Rose, Robert & family

Roth, Valentine & Lydia

Roth, Melvin, Hilda & family

Roth. Reuben, Norma & family

Roth, Joseph, Fern & family

Roth, Roy, Mary & family

Roth, Vernon, Viola & family

Roth. Donald, Dolores & family

Roth, George & family

Roth, Lee, Mary Anne & family

Roth, Lyle, Annie & family

Rude, C.J., Bertha Marie & family

Rude, Martin & Tilda

Rude, Clarence & Borghild (Foshaug)

Rude, Lars & Gladys (Lehman)

Rude, Dane, Roxie & family

Rude, Merlin & Joanne

Rude, Wally

Rude, Angela

Rude, Jody

Rude, Emil & Hildur (Eggen)

Rude, Charles & Pauline

Rude, Brian, Hjordis & family

Rude, Barry, Christy & family

Rude, Eugene

Rude, Dale (see Stokkan history)

Rude, Lawrence, Diane & family

Runka, Nick, Marie (Haugen) & family

Salte, Arlen, Elsa (Heiberg) & family

Sand, Nels & Hannah (Jensen)

Sanoden, Russel, Alice Marie (Anderson) & family

Schacher, Robert. Grace (Heiberg) & family

Schmidt, John, Katherine & family

Schmidt, David, Mary & family

Schmidt, Wayne. Linda (Erickson) & family

Schultz, Harold, Lilly (Haugen) & family

Schwartzendruber, Jacob E. & Mary (Yoder) & family

Scott, Walter & Betsy (Ness)

Sears, W. George (Bill), Ellen (Ingram) & family

Severson, Lester & Gladys (Ness)

Severson, David, Anne & family

Simonson, Alfred, Hildur & family

Simonson, William R.., Mary & family

Simonson, William (Bill), Ingrid & family

Simonson, Wilfred & family

Simonson, Harold. Roma & family

Sitler, Elmer & Alice (Simonson)

Sitler, Glenn, Edith & family

Sitler, Tim & Lorraine

Sitler, Harold, BettyAnne & family

Sitler, Edwin, Mattie (Roth) & family

Sitler, Melvin, Martha (Roth) & family

Skogness, Alfred & family

Smith, Carl, Catherine (Johanson) & family

Sorgaard, Lars, Minnie (Johnson) & family

Stalter, Simon & family

Stauffer, J.R.

Stauffer, Joe & Petra (Lerbekmo)

Stauffer, Leonard & Evelyne (Lawson)

Stauffer, Kenneth, Barbara & family

Stauffer, Warren, Terri & family

Stauffer, Norman, Evelyn (Stauffer) & family

Stauffer, Ezra & family

Stauffer, Robert, Pearl & family

Stauffer, James & family

Stauffer, Ruth Ann

Stauffer, Will, Katie & family

Stauffer, Merlin, Betty & family

Stauffer, Wilbur, Arlene (Lehman) & family

Stauffer, J.L. & family

Stauffer, Benjamin, Nora (King) & family

Stauffer, Harry, Gladys & family

Steen, Arnold & Ragna (Jevning)

Steen, Edward

Steen, Alvin & Ellen

Steen, Edna

Steen, Robert (Bud), Olive & family

Stokkan, Olav, Alice (Haugen) & family

Stolee, Bryan, Hazel (Moen) & family

Strand, Halvdon, Irene (Rude) & family

Strilchuck, Dennis, Rebecca (Eide) & family

Stronstad, Alfred & family

Stutzman, David & family

Sundlie, Family

Sutton, Joseph

Sutton, Albert & Myrtle

Sutton, Douglas, Velma & family

Sutton, Randy, Sharon & family

Swanson, Herman, Delia (Simonson) & family

Swenson, Goodman, Betsy & family

Thomas, David, Ila (Moen) & family

Thomas, Frank & Marguerite (Whillans)

Thomson, William & family

Undin, George & Alma (Hoflin)

Undin, Rudolph, Louisa & family

Vath, Clarence, Darlene (Rude) & family

Voegtlin, Joseph Sr. & family

Voegtlin, Joseph Jr., Florence (Stauffer) & family

Wall, John Sr., Anna & family

Wall, John Jr., Leona & Family

Weber, Abe, Mary & family

Weber, Norman, Clista (Stalter) & family

Weber, Marvin, Margaret & family

Wesner, Ed, Maureen (Foshaug) & family

Westby, John, Ida (Aasmo) & family

Westby, Oliver, Eileen & family

Westfall, Ernest, Martha (Undin) & family

Wheeler, Family

Whidden, Harold, Wyonne (Rude) & family

Whillans, Family

Whillans, Gordon

Whillans, Roy, Dorothy & family

Whillans, Ralph

Willans, Lloyd

Willans, Neil

Wideman, John, Edna (Yoder) & family

Wideman, Joseph, Glenna & family

Wideman, Floyd, Lavanda (Yoder) & family

Wideman, Menno, Barbara (Stalter) & family

Wiens, Jerry & Mary

Wiens, Abe, Elizabeth & family

Wiens, Victor, Esther & family

Wiens, Garry, Anne & family

Wilde, David, Vivian (Roth) & family

Williams, Pat, Margot (Ness) & family

Wyllie, Ivy (Mosby) & family

Yoder, Levi, Lydia & family

Yoder, David, Lucinda & family

Yoder, Ernie, Pearl (Stauffer) & family

Yoder, Henry, Lavina & family

Yoder, Larry, Sharon & family

Yoder, Paul, Sherry (Stauffer) & family

Yoder, John, Gertie (Lerbekmo) & family

Yoder, Ezra, Millie & family

Zook, Roy family

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